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Dana LaVoie's Network
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Welcome to Dana LaVoie's Network

Bringing you expert herbal know how and connection with other fabulous women in menopause and beyond

About Me

I'm the first to agree that most natural remedies for menopause & aging give so-so and temporary results. 

But when you combine the longevity medicine of Asia with smart modern research...

You get a way of reducing inflammaging that helps:

  • Control all discomforts of menopause 
  • And minimize the way aging looks and feels

In way that just... Works.  And my passion is sharing exactly how to master this - with you. 

Why You Should Join Me

Menopause can be tricky.  Aging can be scary.  

Never feel alone again.  Not only will you have a safe place to connect with other women going through the same changes, you'll master customized herbal remedies - the most powerful natural tool for an easy menopause and healthy aging - plus all the diet, lifestyle, and mindset tips that help the herbs to work their best.  

A Big Thanks

By showing up and sharing both your struggles and the things that have worked best for you, you'll be like a shining light helping other women find their way to making menopause and post menopause their best years yet.  And you tell me - what's better than that? 

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